code review

If you are a competitive programmer or a programming newbie (who is on a verge to become an awesome programmer), it may have happened to you many a times that you write a code. According to you it should work correctly but even after hours of finding the bug you still dont get success. Serious frustation of not getting the code accepted although the code seems to be correct.

What do you do now ? Google -> stackoverflow ->

But you must have realised that stackoverflow asks you to only specify the particular portion of code that you think is giving out the problem. You cannot ask someone to go over the full code and find the bug for you. If you even do that the users would ignore your question and your problem would then be remain unattended. Moreover stackoverflow only allows to ask 2-3 questions in 15 days and they can ban you if the problem is not for everyone's good and limited to you (votes). One more thing which lacks in stackoverflow is that the top coders who answer your question do not get benefited as such. They do it only for pass time kind of thing.

Sometimes you get your problem solved but almost 70% of time you have to check your full code gain and again to get it accepted.


With the best competitive programmers from codeforces already on this site, you will get your code reviewed with the best advice and solution by the best of best in the competitive programming world.


You can submit full code to get it reviewed by a member who is one level above you. You can submit as many codes as you review other's code i.e. review to get reviewed. Everyone is benefited even the level 5 members because they can get their code reviewed by other level 5 users. Right now the site is limited to members (We are hoping to extend the site with user feedbacks). If you don't have id there, make one and the enjoy the benefits.


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